Technical Specifications

Database Solution cr

Prime Debt Soft chose FireBird as a database solution for our Credit Repair Software, rather than the more expensive Microsoft SQL Server commonly used for other debt management software products.

A high-performance, cross-platform, SQL standards – compliant relational database, FireBird combines ease of use, low maintenance costs, and enterprise power.

Making our Credit Repair Software compatible with FREE open source FireBird was yet another step Prime Debt Soft took to bring more savings to our customers. Now you are not required to purchase Microsoft SQL Server or any other expensive database program just to run your Credit Repair Software. FireBird brings the best of two worlds: the performance and reliability of an enterprise database software and the free cost of open source product.

System requirements

Our software allows the advantage of very low system requirements. Small or startup agencies with limited budget will be able to use virtually any computer they can buy used or new.

Why are our requirements so low? Our goal was to create an affordable Credit Repair Software solution that could give our customers an opportunity to use PCs they have at hand without buying expensive upgrades or new hardware.

Our Credit Repair Software is based on a client – server model. What does it mean? You establish the main computer (server) which hosts all data. Other computers on your network are clients. They connect to the main computer to access information and store edited information on the main computer.

Server requirements:

Minimum Recommended*
CPU 1.5 GHz 2.4 GHz
Memory 1 GB 2 GB
Hard drive 20 GB 60+GB
Other CD-ROM, 100Mb Network card CD-ROM, 100Mb Network card
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 2000, 2003, XP Professional, 2008
Server software Borland InterBase 6.5 / FireBird Borland InterBase 6.5 or higher / FireBird


* Recommended configuration for 10-15 client computers. It is recommended to increase RAM for more network connections.

Client requirements:

Minimum Recommended
CPU 1 GHz 1.6 GHz
Memory 512 MB 1 GB
Hard drive 4 GB 20 GB
Other 100Mb Network card 100Mb Network card
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows 2000, XP Home/Professional, Vista
Software Borland InterBase 6.5 or FireBird, MS Office 2000 Borland InterBase 7.5 or FireBird, MS Office 2003


Web Server:
CPU, Memory and Hard drive as in an application server
Operating System Windows Server 2008, 2003, 2000 with Installed IIS
Web server must be on the same local network as your database server. Servers must be able to communicate on port 3050 via TCP/IP protocol. All other ports and protocols can be blocked by firewall if desired. Web server must have a static external IP address.

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