Credit Repair Software

Revolutionary Dispute Letter Generator

Generate a unique dispute letter for every client every time

If you run a credit repair business, you know that there are day-to-day duties that need to be performed no matter what. The most time-consuming of them are creating dispute letters and balancing accounts. When it comes to creating dispute letters, there is no other option but to create a letter with unique content for every client in every situation, otherwise the Credit Bureaus will reject your requests. Generating letters with unique content for every client in every situation is exactly what our Credit Repair Software does. And we are not talking about changing fonts or rearranging paragraphs. We have come up with a unique technology that automatically creates unique yet corresponding content for every dispute letter. That’s right, unique content for every letter, automatically. This technology alone will save you tons of money and time. You will not get rejected by the bureaus ever again.


Comprehensive Accounting Module

Stay on top of all transactions and commissions with fully automated accounting module

As far as the accounting goes, there is no other more boring and monotone routine. At the same time, there is no other more fundamentally important routine, and making a mistake is not an option. Accounting must be automated to the fullest degree, it must be transparent, and it must be scalable. Otherwise it will inevitably plunge your business into a labor-intensive and time-consuming muddle. We know this because we have been servicing the debt management industry for the past 10 years. All these years we have been improving our accounting module and now it is integrated in PDS Credit Repair Software. It is unrivaled by any other system, and it offers the top level of automation, transparency and scalability.


Integration with the Leading ACH Providers

Set your payment transactions on autopilot with Global Client Solutions and NoteWorld

The software is fully integrated with such major ACH providers, as Global Client Solutions and NoteWorld. Full integration means that you can manage all the aspects of your accounting without having to go to your ACH vendor’s site. The software establishes real time connection with GCS or Noteworld via the internet, and every account activity gets reflected on both sides. In addition to that the software is compatible with any other ACH provider by means of upload/download of NACHA or CSV files. In addition to that you can accept payments via check by phone.


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