Our Debt Consolidation software provides electronic payments using Vanco Services as our electronic payments provider. Vanco Services provide both MasterCard RPPS and Visa RPPS.

Vanco Services advantages:

  • More banks accept electronic payments.
  • Easy sign up. Master Card requires your bank to cover your liabilities. Sometimes it’s hard for small companies to get this coverage from their bank. There is no such requirement with Vanco Services.
  • Easy online reporting. Information on all your payments is available online from Vanco web site and you can track it any time you need.
  • Vanco Services checks every payment before sending it to the system. If you made a mistake or a typo and your creditor ID or name are different from what is stored in their database, you will receive a warning about a potentially wrong transaction. Your money will always be safely transferred to the right account.

Vanco Services provide both Electronic Funds Transfer Service and Disbursement Services.

With e.serviceĀ® Electronic Funds Transfer Service, Vanco Services can transfer funds directly from your customers’ checking or savings accounts into your business account. Client will never miss a payment as long as they have money available. No more checks!

E .serviceĀ® Disbursement Services allows you to make electronic payments to most major creditors, credit unions and many regional companies, using Master Card Remote Payment and Presentment Service (RPPS) or Visa ePay.

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