In the Debt Settlement business data represents the most valuable asset. Every Debt Settlement agency faces the certainty of losing their sensitive data. If the data that you heavily rely on is inaccessible, it can hurt your business and reputation. If Debt Settlement business data is damaged or stolen, it can lead to a disaster. That’s why you should think twice before committing to a web based software, unless you host it on a secure web server inside your office. Such approach is realized in PDS Debt Settlement Software.

As a Windows based application our Debt Settlement Software insures fundamental business values:

  • You actually own your data and store it inside your office, not on a third party software provider’s server.
  • You always have immediate access to your data regardless of internet connection or a failure of a third party software provider to maintain internet presence.
  • You stay in business even if your software vendor goes out of business. You keep your data and records and they remain operational.
  • You host, secure and backup your data instead of having to rely on a third party. In fact many of the web software providers are active participants in the Debt Settlement industry. This means that on one side they serve as your data host and guardian, but on the other side they are in direct competition with your business. Pretty sweet deal for them.
  • Finally you get a set of absolutely unique features unachievable by web based software. It’s a fact that average off-the-shelve online software by virtue of its simplistic framework can only offer limited features. This may lead to a lot of manual work, waste of time and money.
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