Debt Settlement Software

PDS Debt Settlement Software delivers a full-scale automation of all aspects of your debt settlement business. Starting from quote generation and document management, Prime Debt Software leads you all the way through to successful negotiations and settlements. PDS Debt Settlement Software is powerful and flexible enough to support a debt management business of any size. It’s an end-to-end comprehensive solution that grows with your debt settlement business and supports you every step of the way. But most importantly, our debt settlement software comes at a very reasonable price, and it is well worth what it can do for your debt management agency.

Accounting module allows you to utilize multiple payment plans, plans covering state and local regulations, your business policy and clients’ individual needs. Clients can pay with ACH, money order, check, cash and check by phone. You can setup every counselor to be able to accept phone payments. Check by phone or additional ACH fee can be applied if needed. Proposal module keeps track of proposals from both creditor and negotiator. Easily track client savings and make sure company’s fees are paid in full and on time.

PDS Debt Settlement Software integrates two web modules components: an application form and a web login page for clients. The application form is for your site visitors and the lead vendors, who can submit leads to you via HTTP POST. After an application is filled out, the lead lands directly into the database. This saves a lot of time, because no additional data entry is necessary. On the web login page clients are able to log onto your web site and view their information, statuses with proposals and progress with creditor negotiations, see their balances and communicate with customer representatives.

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