Debt Consolidation Software

PDS Debt Consolidation Software is comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly. It meets demands any debt management agency. It effectively automates all operations and makes your daily debt consolidation routine disappear. All that it requires from a user is attention and consideration, not hardcore IT stuff. With PDS Debt Consolidation Software your employees will be on track and on time with their debt management duties: communication with leads and clients, document handling, account processing, running reports, and much more.

Accounting module is designed to resemble the interface of Quick Books which is familiar to any accountant. Each type of transaction can be highlighted in separate color to help visually distinguish them. Clients can pay with ACH, money order, check, cash and check by phone. You can setup every counselor to be able to accept phone payments. Check by phone or additional ACH fee can be applied if needed. You can automatically send e-mail/letter/fax reminders to your clients who missed their payment.

You have an option to use Vanco Services, an ACH provider widely used in the debt management industry, for your electronic withdrawals and disbursement. Additionally, PDS Debt Consolidation Software can be setup for ACH through any other ACH processor or even your local bank. Software can generate custom formatted ACH files according to your bank or ACH processor requirements. These can be either comma separated files (CSV) or files in NACHA (The Electronic Payments Association) format.

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