Software Support

We work hard at Prime Debt Soft to make sure you get the most from our software day after day… Our main concern is to be helpful from the day of software purchase and every step of the way. That’s why we proudly offer several different levels of technical support, which enable our customers to get answers to any questions and satisfy their immediate needs:

Telephone and e-mail Support

Prime Debt Soft is proud to offer our customers unlimited 24 hour support by phone and e-mail. No matter what, there will always be a knowledgeable technician able to assist you with any problem.

On-line Support Center

Whether you have questions about any of the software modules, simply sign on to our on-line customer support center and start obtaining necessary information in seconds. You can either search our knowledgebase of the most popular questions or submit your questions/requests directly into the system. Submitted tickers will be assigned to the programmers instantaneously. You will be able to track progress of all your tickets from online center.



We are constantly working on further improving our software. That’s why we are able to supply our customers with ongoing updates and upgrades, included in a monthly maintenance plan.

Specialists from our custom programming department are able to convert all your data from any database or file. We do our best to guarantee safety and full confidentiality of your information. If your company has specific requests ranging from custom reports to detailed enhancements to our software, Prime Debt Soft offers it at very competitive prices.

Prime Debt Soft provides basic training and consultations during the installation process. For those that need onsite training we will be glad to assist with a team of specialists. From previous experience, our engineers are able to give full-scale training and ensure a smooth transition within 3-5 days. When your company invests in the training as a part of a gradual transition to our current software, we ensure that your system will be operational from the very first day and will also bring long-term success to your business through increasing productivity, enhancing quality of the services and skyrocketing savings.

Every employee at Prime Debt Soft is dedicated to our customers to make sure they are always satisfied with our software and service after purchase.

When you buy our software we’ll continue to support you whenever you need us.